Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for camp, followed by a brief survey:

  • Things to bring. Here's some suggestions:
    • Musical instruments
    • Warm clothes (though the forecast says it will be nice)
    • Warm bedding
    • Toiletries
    • Puja attire (sarongs, etc)
    • Costumes and props for talent show
    • Items to donate to the auction

Arriving at Lupin Friday, Feb 16

  • Have your photo ID (Lupin will not admit you without photo ID)
  • Office opens at 9:00. Feel free to arrive early, but please do not arrive before 9am. 
  • Camp setup starts at 2:00. Please help if you can.
  • Registration starts at 4:00
  • Dinner at 6:00
  • Dancing/soft start at 7:00
  • 7:30 is opening circle. Please try to be on time for that.


S’more Camp Community Snacks

Having mid afternoon snacks available between sessions is a very nice option. Please bring your favorites to go into the community pantry. Having a personal, private stash is also an option. Raccoons roam about at night.  So, please keep your personal stash in your car or if in your tent - under lock & key (in a aroma tight container at your own risk.) Note:  If community snacks being put out is important to you, this is one of our daily Karma Yoga positions.  J


On Sunday, we have the auction and talent show!

The "All Needs Met" auction raises money for people receiving scholarships. This community puts on the most magical and hilarious show in the whole sacred matrix!

Consent is very important to us as a community. Many of us are an open book, while others need to protect their privacy. Please let us know your preferences, and know that you can change this at any time.


The Dog, Cat, Bird system was developed by David Pullman for their House of Young Cuddle Club after leaving Eugene Oregon for the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 to help his new friends establish healthy boundaries around NON-SEXUAL CONTACT at cuddle parties.


There are "dogs" who love attention and are generally open to respectful contact without the need to ask for explicit consent. Back scratching may lead to a (hopefully) polite refusal, but more likely to panting and tale wagging. A "cat" on the other hand will likely give the claws if touched without clear communication of intent every time contact is made. "Birds" do not want to be approached - ever. One can put out a feeder and learn bird calls - but a bird WILL NEVER APPRECIATE ANY ADVANCES and will approach others only when they are ready.

[from danielclough's blog] 

Please be sure to visit the Lupin Home Page to familiarize yourself with the venue.


We've got perfect summertime weather! Weather forcast

lupin sun 


The ZEGG Forum will be used as a tool to hold the personal growth process of the whole community as well as for individuals. Please follow the link to learn more.