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Winter Warmth S’more Camp 2016 – The Healing of Love

Camp Double Bear
1301 Bear Creek Canyon Rd - Boulder Creek

Friday, February 12, 2016 - Monday, February 15, 2016
4:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Camp Double Bear



… A Weekend of Loving Transparent Connection in New Culture Community

I am overflowing with gratitude to everyone at the best S’more Camp ever! We are already starting to plan for next year in January or February.

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Are you ready for some winter fun? Join us for a fantastic weekend of joy, connection and pleasure as we experience what living in a supportive community can really be like! Come and play with us as we explore deeper intimacy the New Culture way.

The ethos of New Culture is beautifully described in this quote from our sister organization in Oregon:

“NFNC [Network For a New Culture] seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, radical honesty, equality, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of community.” ―


In this 3rd S’more Camp, at Camp Double Bear in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, we seek to experience this ideal in every moment. The S’more is all about exploring our outer crunchiness, finding our sweet and gooey centers and sharing all of that with our community and the world!
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Our presenters include these, and more (click for details):

♥ In-Body: Grounding into Ourselves to Connect with Others – with Ashley Ender and Dean Corona
♥ EFT and Coconut Oil Frolic – with Carole Golden
♥ Valentine’s Day Celebration and Crafts – with Connie Wisesan
♥ Waking up in Love Together – The New Freer Love – with Kelly Bryson, M.A., MFT
♥ Coming back to Center – with Ken Seehart
♥ Tantra and Sexual Energetics – with Lori Grace
♥ Guiding and Surrendering – with Zahava Griss
♥ Zegg Forum – with the forum team

Ashley Ender and Dean Corona

Ashley is a trained desire, sex and relationship coach as well as a teacher of Orgasmic meditation. She combines these skills with her many years of experience with community, music and authenticity to help people find more connection, celebration and freedom within themselves and in their intimate relationships.
Dean grew up in a very stereotypically masculine, boys-don’t-cry environment, living most of his childhood and early adult life cut off from his emotions and all things divine. After five years in the Marine Corps he moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to, as he puts it, begin his deprogramming. Since then he has delved deeply into personal growth work through the martial arts, meditation and relationship work. These days he is dedicated to inspiring people to feel the full spectrum of masculine and feminine divinity. Through his unique style of energy work he guides people in reconnecting to their physical and emotional bodies.

In-Body: Grounding into Ourselves to Connect with Others

Through a combination of song, movement, communication and meditation, Ashley and Dean will guide us into the places we’ve disconnected from within ourselves and in relationship to others.

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Carole Golden

Carole has had a stellar career as a professional body worker for over 20 years. Trained as a Reiki master, in Feldenkriest, ortho-bionomy, EFT and much more, Carole loves to share her gift of magical touch and invite others to open to learning how to connect their heart with their touch.


Carole will give us an intro to EFT in an afternoon session, and lead a coconut oil frolicin the evening!

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Connie Wisesan

Connie Wisesan is an Intuitive Healer, Body Worker and Healing facilitator and see’s energy in people, places and things. . Her life work is to be a healer and a custodian of the Land and its’ people. Her interesting perspective of both the seen and unseen world supports all in the movement back to the higher vibrations of love, peace, abundance and complete health.

“We are born in a near perfect state of one with God and all things. As life happens, layers of disappointment, sadness, and sickness accumulate. We begin to feel separate from Spirit and from each other. We forget our true nature… the nature of love. What if these layers could be lifted off… what if we just need to be reminded of our true inner beauty. That is what we work towards in session.”

Born with a natural healing ability and gift of seeing the positive and sacred in all things, Connie first started working with people in 1999 when her son, Alex was diagnosed with Autism… “My talent came in full force with a mother’s prayer.. God, Help me heal my son…and all of a sudden I could… I could see why he would start screaming in a public place.. I could see the beings that were attacking him and I could clear them and restore Alex to peace.. I could see how the energy was not moving correctly in his little 2 year old body and I could move energy through my hands and watch him relax into ease, comfort and love. God answered my prayer. And it didn‘t stop there. People started to come to me. Information began coming in. I began to realize that this is why I was born. To support people in transformation and to be a beacon of love and light and positive shift.”

Working with Dis-ease on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, Connie helps to support her clients in shifting to a more positive reality and possibility. “What if all we had to do to maximize our health was to shift our focus” Using the laws of attraction and a tool box of healing modalities, Connie supports her clients on a journey to self connection coming back to wellness and remembering what it feels like to feel good, to feel love, to feel peace.

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Kelly Bryson, M.A., MFTKelly-AutumnCamp

is the Director of The Center for Compassion, a community organization providing education in Compassionate Nonviolent Communication℠ to organizations and individuals, and conflict resolution locally and internationally. He is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples, and families, and a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 1984. Kelly Bryson is the author of Don’t be Nice, Be Real—Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others an NVC handbook. He is also a contributing author to the anthology The Marriage of Sex and Spirit. Kelly is a Communitarian, workshop facilitator, consultant and developer of “Tribal Technologies” for the growth of communities and organizations of every description.

Waking up in Love Together – The New Freer Love

Love Freer from fear.  Because “It takes a village to raise a consciousness, or a relationship” we will dive deep into “What does it take to create a Transparent, Trusting, Touching. Tantric. Tolerant Tribe.”  We will be creating a “Field” of “Weness” or connection thru experiencing Kelly’s different “Tribal Technologies” like “Humanizing Hugs”, the “Aloha Kiss”, “Ear on Heart”, “Empower Shower”, “Dance I am”etc.

And then from that Connection flows the Direction of the group.

We will be responding to questions and issues emerging from our collective group field. We will also learn and practice compassionate “Transparency” and clean “Rough Love” to enjoy the hell out of each other, the hell RIGHT out of each other.

We will use SD Forum as needed (“SelbstDarstellung” which means self expression) to explore the great community issues like the wounded relationship between the masculine and feminine, mankind and nature, and the breakdown of deep community.  We can also explore the great individual issues like Jealousy, (jealousy is a part of love in the same way asthma is a part of breathing)  neediness, expectation, infidelity and the lust for fully lived lives.  We will learn tools for bringing forth the “Shadow” of the individuals and the group without harshness and with compassion.

“The next Buddha will be a community” says Thich Nhat Han.  And community is a state of consciousness, says Sabine Lichtenfels co-founder of the Tamera Community in Portugal.  We will experience how to enter this state and learn principals and tools for deepening this state.  Because we are Social Spiritual beings we can only evolve thru truthful intimate encounters in service to a Sacred Matrix of Life.  We will go spiritually spelunking into the four great love caverns of consciousness – The erotic, spiritual, self, and community loves.

We will be drawing from the just released “Terra Nova, Global Revolution and The Healing of Love” the brand new book by Dietre Duhm cofounder of the Tamera Community.  We will also draw on Kelly’s 30 years of experience as a certified NVC trainer, his personal work w/Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Virginia Satir and Marshall Rosenberg, Sabine Lichtenfels and his own Higher Elf.

“We need community in which the latent war between the genders has ended, in which free sexuality is based on truth and trust, and in which our fellow beings are respected as cooperation partners within a sacred alliance.  We need intimate cooperation with nature and the universe because healing is the reconnection with the original power field of the divine world.  This applies to the individual organism, to the organism of a community, and to the organism of all humankind.” By Dietre Duhm in the new book “Terra Nova”

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kenKen Seehart has been pursuing personal growth work for over 30 years through Zegg Forum, HAI, Motherwave, OneTaste, Nonviolent Communication, EFT, and Aikido (shodan).

Coming Back to Center

Ken will lead experiential exercises using Aikido to explore boundaries, transform the victim/perpetrator/rescuer meme to something more empowering, and bring everyone toward a more centered place.

After the physical portion of the workshop, we will break into small groups and continue the exploration through verbal connection exercises and discussion.

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Lori Grace, MA has been a teacher of Tantra Yoga and Sexual Energetics since 1985. She also has an extensive background in Bioenergetics, Reichian therapy, Aikido, Movement therapy and Massage. As a result, she designed a very body centered approach to Tantra Yoga, which involves the breath, centering and grounding and an embracing of the sacredness of sexual experience and the path of ” holy relationship”. A truly beautiful relationship can be had with both oneself and with another if you combine this breath-centered approach to Tantra with an equally breath centered approach to Compassionate Communication, which Lori calls the Tantra of the Heart.

Tantra and Sexual Energetics: A Powerful Path to Intimacy and Sexual Fulfillment

In this workshop, you will be introduced to perhaps surprising discoveries you will experience about your body and your sexuality. You will learn simple, yet profound ways to increase sexual pleasure and to spread it all over your body. If you are a part of a couple, you will also experience an immediate expansion in your ability to be intimate with one another. You will also learn a little about communicating about touch using a grounded and centered approach to NVC. Further exploration of the more grounded approach to NVC or to Tantra and Sexual Energetics will be available through another workshop offered later at Sunrise Center or possibly through a private session, if desired at the Smore’s camp. The workshop is open to couples and singles and does not involve nudity or touching another’s genitals without specific consent.


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Zahava Griss is the founder of EMBODY more LOVE, providing performance ritual, healing, & sexual empowerment for social change. Her signature offering is Sacred Alchemy for Leaders, a 3 month immersion for socially conscious entrepreneurs to lead with more love and impact. She has a unique approach that combines business strategy, social justice, somatic skills, emotional intelligence, and integrative bodywork! She has 30 years of dance training, certifications in Yoga for birth, Esalen Massage ®, Deep Bodywork ®, Urban Tantra Practitioner, Pilates, & Health Coaching. Her influences include the arts of unlearning racism, Sufi whirling, Sexual Shamanism, bioenergetics, and transformational group dynamics. Learn more at

Guiding and Surrendering

Explore the duet of these two complimentary energies and the trust, adventure, and desire that can be invoked by their dance. Curious about impact play, energetic penetration and receptivity, having sex with body parts that aren’t genitals? Expand your experience of intimacy so you can be more clear about your desires and boundaries.

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This includes Food and indoor Lodging for 4 days and 3 nights. Tri-fold pads are provided. Please Bring your own bedding. There is plenty of room to pitch a tent if you prefer (same cost).



  • We are asking for a contribution of $380 – includes three nights indoor (or outdoor) camping and nine meals.
  • If this amount is too much for you, scholarships are available. We want you to be here anyway, so please negotiate for a win-win (contact the registrar).