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(This is a previous event)

S'more Camp 2018 was held at Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

February 16-20, 2018

In what ways do you desire to set your love free to live your fullest life in the world? 
Are there places where you feel your heart longing to be more
...with yourself...others...nature...spirit? your heart string 881084 1920
Are there places where​ fear holds you back from fully exploring your heart's desires?  How can we honor our fears and create beautiful boundaries...which can give us more freedom to explore the amazing spaces in various aspects of our lives?
Come explore your heart's desires and fears with us in this beautiful setting as we co-create a loving space where deep connection to ourselves, others, nature, spirit, and the world can help set our love free!

"... Soon it became clear that the healing of love and of human community had to be placed at the center of this work. Sexuality, love and partnership need to be freed from lying and fear, for there can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love."

— from the Tamera website:


Questions? Call Ken Seehart (831) 535-2442 

Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


S'more Camp embraces the ethos of New Culture, which is beautifully described in the following quotes from our sister organizations:

“NFNC [Network For a New Culture] seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, radical honesty, equality, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of community.” ―

"New Culture seeks to create environments where authenticity, transparency and honesty are deeply valued and encouraged. When we connect from the deep heart, a magical world of love, harmony, fulfillment, intimacy and joy becomes possible for us and the planet." - Autumn Camp,  New Culture Northern California (NCNC)heart 635293 1280

"New Culture" is about creating sustainable, rich, intimate personal relationships, along with a sustainable world to enjoy them in, based on transparency, delight, freedom, and community. In order to create a New Culture in our lives and in the larger society, we put on events that help us develop the skills we need to make that real, including communication, self-knowledge, presence, conflict resolution, and effective activism. - (world-wide New Culture groups and events info page)




S'more Camp Program Offerings

(This section will be continuously growing and evolving. All items in the program are subject to change, so check back here again.)


Building Community by Making Music Together 

Singing!  Drum Circles!  Jam Sessions!  We intend to make most of the music for this event ourselves instead of mostly recorded music.  Where music happens, community happens!   Bring your voices, songs, and instruments to share. Setting love free by setting music free!

 "If you can walk, you can dance, and if you can talk, you can sing!" —Zimbabwean Proverb

 Check out this article about the science of how music strenthens social bonds.


Evalena Purple 533x800Evalena Rose, M. A., has taught Tantra for 24 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy practices and communication skills.  She has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy, energetic healing, and channeled readings for 39 years. She has been a collaborator on rituals in conferences, festivals, and workshops for 40 years. Evalena has decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Soul Retreival, Tantra, inner child work, and recovery from incest, abuse and addiction.

Evalena founded LoveJourney: the Healing Path of Tantra in 1997, sponsoring workshops and supporting a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts. Evalena works in the San Francisco Bay Area and by phone or Skype world-wide. Her channelings and tele-seminars have reached people in 14 countries and 24 states. For more information, see: or

Erotic Communication and Pleasure Mapping with Evalena Rose

Learn erotic ways of communicating with your lover(s) that enhance intimacy and further open you to eros. We'll practice communicating "above the line" and making conscious requests followed by rewarding your partner(s) when you receive what you ask for. We’ll enjoy some grounding and centering exercises and movement. Following a delightful demo, pairs enjoy pleasure mapping, a touching exercise (non-genital), that lets you practice feedback and requests while learning styles and types of touch your body likes. You may discover new erogenous zones and gain a deeper command of your voice in intimate settings. Very enjoyable, expands one’s capacity to receive, and gives you practical skills that make a difference in intimate exchanges, and in everyday life. Bring a floor mat, blanket or large towel. www.

Evalena will also lead a puja and possibly a temple event TBA


Wolf Lindley trained for many years directly with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Non Violent Communication; and has taught NVC for the past 15 years in Europe, Australia and South America.  A deep study of Duhm and Tolle led to an extended visit to study and teach at Tamera in Portugal in 2016. Wolf taught New Culture inspired NVC-based communication in Portugal, England and Ireland.  He is currently based in Oakland, CA.

Slightly Less Violent Connecting with Wolf Lindley
This workshop will explore an inspirational process of deeper connections through a fusion of the practical skills of M. Rosenburg"s Non-Violent Communication, the vision of D. Duhm's Terra Nova, and the spiritually of E. Tolle.  Wolf also intuitively integrates the event's teachings and learnings into the process, creating a unique and relevant experience each time you participate in one of his workshops. 

Fred AutumnCamp 224x300Fred Burks has been deeply dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation for his entire adult life. He became interested in tantra and energy work over 20 years ago, and has facilitated many engaging, heart-centered playshops around the country helping people to open to the limitless sources of transformative energy available within themselves and others. He was a key founder of the sex and spirit based Sacred Connections community in the SF Bay Area and is a respected spiritual activist on the Internet. See for the inspiring and transformational websites he manages.

9-Minute Dates, facilitated by Fred Burks: You first have two minutes to talk with your partner (or partners) about what you'd like to do on your date, then five minutes to dive in and explore what you've agreed to, and then end with two minutes to wrap up and share about the experience. You will have time for dates with five different people during this process. It is best to arrange your dates ahead of time, so that you have a written dance card with five slots when you come, though you don't have to fill all five. You can also just show up and see who is available if you don't have a dance card or have empty slots. You are encouraged to find dates with campers of all genders. These dates can be as wild and sexy or as tame and sedate as you like, as long as they are fully consensual.

Kelly Bryson MA, MFT is the Director of The Center for Compassion, a community organization providing education in Compassionate Nonviolent Communication℠ to organizations and individuals, and conflict resolution locally and internationally. He is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples, and families, and a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 1984. Kelly Bryson is the author of Don’t be Nice, Be Real—Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others an NVC handbook. He is also a contributing author to the anthology The Marriage of Sex and Spirit. Kelly is a Communitarian, workshop facilitator, consultant and developer of “Tribal Technologies” for the growth of communities and organizations of every description.

Forum Team Lead, Connection GamesForum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage for whatever is happening inside the person: one's true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one's own personal growth. Connection Games are a collection of tribal technologies that we have accumulated over the years from many sources. They cultivate connection, trust, and laughter!






Carole Golden has had a stellar career as a professional body worker for over 20 years. Trained as a Reiki master, in Feldenkriest, ortho-bionomy, EFT and much more, Carole loves to share her gift of magical touch and invite others to open to learning how to connect their heart with their touch.

Coconut Oil Massage Experience, Carole will give us an intro to EFT, and lead a coconut oil massage class.



Dan Schultz, DCdansecretbeach
-- Holistic Chiropractor since 1991
-- Founder of Maitreya Mountain Village an off-grid,
    organic permaculture farm and community
-- Host and producer of talk radio show,
* New Culture Radio*-- Hawaii Ironman Trianthlon Finisher
-- Author, speaker, videographer, father

How to Adjust Yourself with Dan Shultz

This class integrates holistic, natural, "innate" corrective techniques into a daily regimen for self-healing and maximum

Event registration is Closed (past event):

Event tuition: $295 (early-bird is closed) (additional costs for accommodations with Lupin Lodge and food will apply - see Lupin Lodge section below). breakfasts are complimentary with Lupin registration. Campers may also provide their own meals; bring and cook your own -or- dine at Lupin’s restaurant. Note: it is inconvenient to go off-site for meals. Sleeping yurts are also available.

Scholarships are available.

You will complete two separate registrations. One with our registrar for the S'more Camp event, and one with Lupin Lodge for lodgings.


For questions about S'more Camp, contact our registrar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*We are open to negotiating scholarships if you have financial need. Please inquire with the registrar.


Register for S'more Camp 2018

And then call 408-353-9200 to register with Lupin



Lupin Lodge


Lupin Lodge offers a variety of sleeping accommodations:  Camping is always available.  Communal dorm space and personal yurts are options subject to availability   Additional fees are asked for RV space. See below for prices.

Food: A delicious restaurant offers a varied menu for lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is included in the Lupin lodge fees and a cook-it-yourself-kitchen is also available!  

We are considering setting up a S'more Camp participant-run kitchen as an alternative.  Vegetarian/Vegan/GF and other special needs options will be provided.  We are looking for community kitchen volunteers who would be willing to support?

Call 408-353-9200 to register with Lupin


Extra long lunch and dinner time slots will facilitate an easier experience (and more unstructured time), since the Lupin restaurant is not set up for a buffet.

Camping - Special discounted rates

$88.00 per person 5 days, 4 nights

$110.00 per person in the dorm 5 days, 4 nights

$15.00 per night additional charge for RVs requiring electric and water hook ups


Single 4 Nights 308.00  -   Couple 4 Nights $396.00


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Want to present something awesome at S'more Camp?

We'd love to hear from you. Please send us a bio, a photo, and a description of your offering (see above for examples). There are very few main presenter slots, however we will have parallel afternoon slots, which will be planned out prior to the event. Please send this ASAP because if the planning team selects your presentation for the main schedule, we'd like to add it to the website. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Want to join the team?

It takes a villiage to raise a consiousness! Please tell us about how you would like to help, Of course everyone who comes to S'more Camp is on the team, but we'd love a little extra help before and after camp. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.